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Prefab Modular Houses & Build The Home Of Your Dreams

Modular houses are structures that are produced in a controlled manner in a factory environment and installed elsewhere. As the name suggests, structures made of “modules” are built inside a house. It is easily transported to the place where the assembly of the houses produced in the factory environment will be made and is completed in a much shorter time compared to traditional construction methods. Karmod prefab modular houses are buildings built in a professional high-tech factory environment. After the production, it is sent to the desired site with our personnel present at the location. When the products reach the desired location, our staff starts the installation process. No power tools or heavy equipment are required during assembly. They can be installed without causing any disturbance to the environment. Karmod modular houses are also produced with the highest quality materials. Prefab modular houses are energy efficient & quick to assemble. Our contemporary, sustainable & prefab houses Cutting-edge design in a high-performance house.

Build the Home of Your Dreams With Karmod

As technology advances, so does the interest in efficient housing methods, and with this increasing demand for more practical and affordable housing solutions, Karmod designs new modular homes and upgrades existing ones to meet our customers’ requests. Our prefabricated modular homes are fully customizable. Karmod prefab modular homes come in many varieties in terms of size and style. Whichever option you choose, it can be delivered and installed instantly wherever you want. Our Prefab modular homes are also designed to be highly durable and cost-effective compared to their competitors and have less delays and therefore shorter timelines as they are built in a controlled environment using detailed plans. The design of our modular homes is built on the foundations of maximum energy efficiency.

Affordable Prefab Modular Houses

The reason for the emergence of prefab modular homes is that they are a practical solution when the construction of traditional style buildings does not help. For this reason, modular houses are less costly than traditional reinforced concrete buildings due to their structure. Controlled production under factory conditions, labor savings and high efficiency materials are the most important features of modular houses that reduce costs. Even if a product is useful and durable, price is an important criterion for affordability. Modular housing is the ideal solution for a home that is both convenient and cost-effective. Please contact us for more information about the prices of our modular homes.