Two Storey Prefab Housing 126 m²




12 m², 8 m²


3 m²



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4 m²



5 m²


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Best Affordable Prefab Housing

Affordable prefab housing is a default affordable accommodation solution for middle-income or vulnerable families. Prefabricated houses allow affordable housing, middle- and low-income families to host. In order to provide less costly housing, affordable housing plans are sometimes suitable for individual and sometimes for bulk purchases. Thanks to prefabricated house technology, affordable houses can be built. Prefabricated buildings cost much less than traditional houses. There are multiple reasons for this. The first and most important reason is that prefabricated houses can be produced and built quickly. In this way, those who want to own a house are not affected by the changing economic conditions. For mass housing projects, this feature of prefabricated affordable houses is an excellent advantage. Project duration is quite long in mass housing projects built with traditional methods. At the same time, because it requires a lot of workers, additional accommodation buildings are needed for the accommodation of the workers. However, prefabricated affordable houses can be easily built in a short time. It requires much less labor than houses built using traditional methods. Affordable prefab housing you can buy right now. Our huge database of modern prefab housing has thousands of standard and custom plans to choose from!

Best Quality Affordable Prefab Homes

Another advantage of affordable prefab housing is that it is produced in a factory environment. Prefabricated structures are produced in a controlled manner in the factory environment. In this way, structures in the desired design can be produced. Modular homes are quick to install and cost-effective, built to last and leave a much smaller carbon footprint than traditional enclosures. Off-site construction also means fewer builders, solving another challenge facing the industry. Karmod has a three-pronged approach to affordable housing innovation; construction, management and financing.

Affordable Housing for Everyone

Also, Karmod houses are best for seniors. Having the retirement life of your dreams is no longer difficult. Everyone can dream of beautiful and peaceful living spaces for their retirement life. If you have a suitable land, do not think twice to choose affordable housing. While choosing traditional reinforced concrete buildings, we consider the damage they cause to the air, the environment and most importantly our future. Modular affordable residences are environmentally friendly structures. You can minimize the damage you cause to the environment. Also, you don’t have to deal with construction sites. With this method, we deliver your home ready for use. Choose from one of the world’s most preferred modular building manufacturers for affordable affordable housing for the elderly or affordable elderly housing. Karmod produces affordable housing for everyone!