Two Storey Prefab Housing 137 m2 – Apart Model



20 m²


10 m², 10 m², 5 m², 10 m², 10 m²




8 m²


7 m², 12 m², 12 m²



5 m², 5 m²


8 m²

Product Detail

The most magnificent housing estate in the world

Thanks to our collected experience and persistent commitment to serve our clients, we have established a broad category of practical accommodation solutions that have made major contributions in the realization of numerous projects or operations of any magnitude. Karmod has spent over 36 years studying and combining the most cutting-edge technology available at the time into our products, ultimately propelling us to the top of the industry. In addition, we are always working to improve our customer service and extend our already extensive product portfolio. We place a great priority on mutual respect with our customers and design our products to satisfy their needs.

We Build Quality Housing Estate to Increase Your Comfort

Our housing estate options have been one of our most popular practical dwelling solutions for many years. Housing estate solutions are inexpensive, practical, and long-lasting, making them the ideal modern housing alternative. Karmod is continually developing new products and enhancing old ones in order to broaden our offerings and preserve the quality of our prefabricated homes and other practical accommodation services. We apply new technologies and innovations in our extensive product catalog with the help of our expert research and development team in order to deliver the most useful and pleasant housing solutions. Our housing estate options are ideal for families of all sizes. They are comfy, inexpensive, and long-lasting. This makes them simpler to get and maintain. Many individuals assume that our housing estate solutions are ineffective and untrustworthy. The basis for this widespread belief is that prefabricated dwellings were not always dependable. Because technology was not as sophisticated at the time, the multiple operations necessary to build a housing estate product were quite sluggish. However, as time passes, housing estate solutions become more complex, even exceeding traditional building processes.

Get Your Dream House With Karmod Housing Estates

As Karmod, we have been solving affordable prefab housing estate, Karmod houses remained expensive and unaffordable for the middle and low-income earners in Africa, Asia, Europe and many other parts of the world. However, this is not the case nowadays. We have increased our efficiency, technology, improved our way of service and developed new and innovative Housing Estate and Estate Prefab Construction options. Our housing estate options are designed and manufactured in Karmod’s professional factory environment and delivered to the desired location in a short span of time. For more information about housing estate options and other practical accommodation solutions, please contact us.