135×210 Wc – Shower Cabin


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2.30 m





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With Karmod Portable Restroom Units, You Can Keep Your Workplace Clean

Karmod Prefabricated Technologies has been providing high-quality and practical lodging solutions all over the world for over 36 years. Thanks to our skilled staff and broad expertise, we are continually expanding our already large choice of practical housing options. We respect our customers’ satisfaction and work hard to supply things that satisfy their needs. Furthermore, we strive to maintain our customers’ mutual respect by always improving ourselves, our service, and our products. All of our products, from portable restrooms and other on-site utilities to hospitals and offices, are designed to give high-quality, low-cost lodging choices to our customers.


Hygiene Is The Key With Karmod Portable Restrooms

We have been building and refining the greatest portable restroom units accessible today as one of the best portable accommodation solutions providers in the globe. When commencing a project, we understand how critical it is to have all of the essential on-site utilities in place. These services might include everything from portable restrooms to security tents. That’s why, at Karmod, we’ve been working hard to provide the greatest on-site utilities to help our clients lessen their load. Our portable restrooms are all entirely sanitary and simple to clean. They’re also extremely durable, portable, adaptable, inexpensive, long-lasting, and dependable. Meaning, they can withstand the harshest weather conditions as well as man-made or natural disasters, they can be easily replaced without the use of any power tools or heavy machinery, they can be fully customized before delivery, they can serve for a lifetime without worry, and they still have a significantly lower price tag than other portable restroom units and other on-site utilities currently available on the market.


Easy To Clean Sustainable Portable Restrooms

The best portable restrooms unit to help you avoid public bathrooms on the road, including portable toilets units that flush and camping toilet blocks. Karmod Portable Restrooms and Portable Toilets for Sale are designed and manufactured in a professional factory setting. After production, they are sent to the desired location via sea or land transportation systems. After that, they are installed on-site by our professional staff already present at the location before the delivery. Karmod Portable Restrooms do not require excessive workforce or heavy machinery to be fully erected. They also do not produce any kind of waste or cause disturbance around the area during the installation. For more information about our portable restrooms, please contact us.