150×150 Wc – Shower Cabin


2.45 m


2.45 m


1.5 m


350 kg


Product Detail

Increase The Hygiene Of Your Workspace With Karmod Portable Bathrooms

As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we attach great importance to quality over quantity and constantly work hard to develop ourselves as well as our products further. Our wide variety of practical accommodation solutions are manufactured with Karmod expertise and designed in-line with our customers’ needs. More than that, our accommodation solutions are also designed uniquely for their purpose. From on-site utilities, such as portable bathrooms and dining halls, to state-of-the-art accommodation units, such as prefabricated and modular homes, our extensive catalogue can help you find exactly what you need. We believe that customer satisfaction comes first, thus we always design our products to be as user-friendly, environmentally-kind, high-quality, affordable and sturdy as possible.

Next-Generation Sanitary With Karmod Wc – Shower Cabins

For over 30 years, we have been designing and producing numerous on-site utilities for projects. We have contributed in the realization of countless projects and operations of any size, thanks to our expertise on site utility units. As Karmod, we know how important it is to find the optimal on-site utilities, such as portable bathrooms, when starting out a project as they have a significant influence over the course. In terms of quality, sturdiness and portability, Karmod Portable Bathrooms stand out. They are sturdy, portable, affordable, reliable, customizable, sustainable and high-quality on-site utility units that can be placed from one place to another with ease and without requiring power tools, they can operate on many harsh surfaces as well as enduring most harsh weather conditions, they can be used for a lifetime without a worry, they can be fully customized on demand and still have a considerably low price tag compared to other portable bathrooms and traditionally made bathrooms available in the market today. Karmod Portable Bathrooms are also especially designed to increase the sanitary of your workplace.

On-Site Portable Bathrooms Fit For Any Occasion

As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we design and manufacture our portable bathrooms in a professional factory environment and delivered to you via sea & land transportation systems in a very short span of time. High quality luxury bathrooms with showers with competitive price. a best-selling portable bathrooms unit brand in the European & American market are installed on-site by the professional Karmod staff already present at the location. Luxury Portable Bathrooms With Showers produce zero waste and cause no disturbance around the area during the installation as they do not require excessive workforce or heavy equipment to be fully erected. For more information about our portable bathrooms and other practical accommodation solutions, please contact us.