210×260 Wc – Shower Cabin


2.30 m


2.30 m


1.35 m



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Karmod Wc-Shower Cabin

Karmod prefab mobile bathrooms allow you to increase the hygiene of your working area. Mobile bathrooms are customized prefabricated products produced with advanced technological methods. Almost every facility needs a hygienic bathroom area. Prebrick bathrooms are an ideal solution when it is not possible or advantageous to build a toilet using conventional methods. Thanks to its low cost, prefabricated buildings are also preferred in areas where their traditional counterparts can be used. However, the low cost of prefabricated structures does not mean that they are of poor quality. Prefabricated buildings are new generation structures produced with advanced technological methods. We offer a variety of fully functional prefab mobile bathrooms & modular portable restrooms with the same aesthetic and plumbing as traditional construction.

Next-Generation Prefab Mobile Bathrooms

As Karmod Prefabrike Technologies, we attach importance to quality rather than quantity, and we are constantly working to improve ourselves and our products. Our wide range of practical accommodation solutions are produced with Karmod expertise and designed in line with the needs of our customers. On top of that, our accommodation solutions are uniquely designed for their purpose. From on-site utilities like prefab mobile mathrooms to cutting-edge accommodations, our comprehensive catalog can help you find exactly what you need. We believe that customer satisfaction comes first, so we always design our products to be user-friendly, environmentally friendly, high quality, affordable and as robust as possible.

Increase Hygiene of Your Workspace with Modular Portable Bathrooms

For over 36 years we have been designing and manufacturing numerous onsite utilities for projects. Thanks to our expertise in construction sites, we have contributed to the realization of numerous projects and operations of all sizes. As Karmod, we know how important it is to find the most suitable facilities such as mobile bathrooms on site, as they have a significant impact on the route when starting a project. Modular portable bathrooms stand out in terms of quality, durability and portability. Robust, portable, cost-effective, reliable, customizable, sustainable and high quality, they are durable and at the same time high quality on-site auxiliary units that can be deployed easily and without the need for power tools, work on many hard surfaces. Prefabricated structures can be used in harsh weather conditions without worry for a lifetime, are fully customizable on demand and have a very low price tag compared to other portable and conventionally built bathrooms on the market today. Karmod prefab mobile bathrooms are also specially designed to increase the hygiene of your workplace.