Bullet Resistant Guard Booths






Product Detail

Bullet Resistant Booths With Maximum Security.

Our guardhouses, also known as guardhouses, guard houses or security huts, are designed to protect the personnel on duty against bullets and explosive devices. For this reason, our products differ from conventional prefabricated huts and are known as bullet-proof kiosks, blast-proof kiosks or bullet-proof kiosks.

Bulletproof security cabinets are the best solution for protecting access to high-risk areas such as military bases, prisons, barracks, refineries, power plants, government buildings, banks, stadiums, airports, railway stations and subways. Security yards are considered to be the heart of the entire security system as security guards, security officers and guards are always the best means of crime prevention.

Our guardhouse is made of steel and equipped with thermal insulation, air conditioning and communication systems. We offer many optional accessories for maximum guard comfort. Bullet-proof cabinets are manufactured in accordance with European and international standards and meet all requirements for bullet-proof and explosion-proof cabinets.