Modular Kiosk 150 x 215


2,4 m


2,4 m


1,5 m


350 kg


Product Detail

Small Portable Ticket BoothsThat are Perfect for Your Project

For over 36 years, Karmod Prefabricated Ticket Booths Technologies has been creating and producing practical lodging solutions that meet our clients’ demands. We’ve been able to incorporate cutting-edge technology into our goods and service thanks to our skilled research and development staff. All of our lodging options, from ticket booths and kiosks to portable offices and dining halls, are constructed with Karmod guarantee and supplied to you in a timely manner. As Karmod, we place a premium on quality above all else, and we work hard to retain our customers’ mutual respect and understanding.

Increase Your Efficiency With Karmod Ticket Booths

Karmod Ticket Booths are multi-purpose modular kiosks that can be used in various different situations. They can be used as ticket booths, buffets, gift shops and many more. They are also exceptionally sturdy, portable, sustainable, reliable, customizable, affordable accommodation solutions that are manufactured using highest-quality materials. Meaning, they can be placed from one place to another with ease and without the requiring excessive workforce as well as heavy machinery, they are designed to endure most harsh weather conditions as well as natural or man-made catastrophes, they can be fully customized before the delivery, they can be used for a lifetime without a worry and still have a considerably lower price tag compared to other ticket booths and kiosks available in the market today. As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we attach great importance to quality over quantity. That is why, with our professional research and development team, we have been researching latest technologies that this era has to offer and implementing them in our way of service as well as in our wide catalogue of practical accommodation solutions.

Full Customizable and Sturdy Ticket Booths

Karmod prefab ticket booths enjoy ergonomic design which is one of important features of a gatehouses ticket offices & ticket booths in parking areas as well. Our Ticket Booths and Gatehouses Ticket Offices are manufactured and designed in a professional factory setting and prepared to be delivered to the desired location via sea or land transportation systems. After the delivery, Karmod Ticket Booths are installed on-site by professional Karmod staff already present at the location. Karmod Ticket Booths do not produce any kind of waste or cause any disturbance around the area as it does not require excessive workforce or heavy machinery to be erected completely. They are installed in a short amount of time, depending on the magnitude of the product. For more information about our ticket booths and other practical accommodation solutions, please contact us.