Modular Kiosk 215 x 270


2,4 m


2,4 m


2.15 m


550 kg


Product Detail

Car Park Booths And Kİosks Car Parking Booth

Car park booths and kiosks is one of the modular building production systems products. After computer-aided designs, they are produced in a factory environment with modern production technologies. Production is completed by making controls at almost every production stage. The assembly of the products, each part of which is produced separately, is made by the manufacturer at the place of delivery. It is delivered ready to the user. They are fairly easy to assemble but easily adapt to changing needs. It may be desirable to expand the working areas during the period of use. In such cases, it is much easier to expand products with a modular structure. Karmod is a leader in production of fiberglass car parking booth that are being used as car park boths, Car park kiosks, Ticket offices, Ticket booths

Customized Car Parking Booths

Parking lots are one of the places where the most people enter and leave a city and there is a constant movement. For this reason, the structures used in car parks must be very durable, useful and long-lasting. The best choice for car park kiosks would be Karmod, which manufactures worldwide and whose products have realized thousands of projects from all over the world. Our designs have been used as scale offices, security kiosks, driver check-in offices and toll booths in the past. As Karmod, we have produced very different structures for many different sectors for more than 30 years and completed giant projects in record time. Together with our modular cabins such as car park booths and kiosks, we have become the world’s choice for temporary and permanent building solutions.

Environment Friendly Parking Booths

We live in an age where quality is not always enough, and even visual quality is more important than anything else. For this reason, the external appearance of the buildings is also very important in terms of user experience. Adapting to the environment it is in and visually beautifying its environment are among the sought-after features in a building. Our kiosks, which can be preferred as parking kiosks, can adapt to any environment. It can be produced with different features and different designs upon request. Each of the Karmod parking kiosk structures are ergonomic and useful, spacious and ergonomic structures. When you choose our products, you contribute to the production of living spaces without harming the environment. Work with us and let’s build the future together.