Modular Kiosk 270 x 630


2,4 m


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High Quality GRP Buildings

We offer a variety of innovative products for under-the-line marking and solutions for various industries around the world. Glass reinforced polyester (GRP) structures are a customized modular building technique. As Karmod, it specializes in the manufacture and branding of ever-popular FRP modular buildings. In recent years, we have been hearing about FRP buildings frequently. Although we hear it frequently in recent years, their production and use is actually very old. As for industrial use, we see fiberglass structures in 1986’s. Glass reinforced polyester (GRP) is not affected by outdoor conditions. They are preferred in almost every project as they are resistant to wind, heat or cold. It is applied to the wall panel with special methods and thus the structures are protected for a long time. In addition to these, different color and form options can be applied easily. With all these features, they contribute to modular structures and strengthen the structures and make them look more aesthetic. Karmod is one of world leaders in production of portable GRP modular office buildings, GRP car park control kiosks and prefab housing.

Karmod GRP Modular Buildings

As Karmod, we use long-lasting and high quality fiberglass kiosks. But first we have to look at what fiberglass is. GRP kiosks provide great convenience during application due to their light weight. And although they are light, they are very durable. Because of these two features, they have a very wide application area. They offer ease of use and do not mold and rust. In this way, they can be used on roofs, facades and other outdoor areas. These structures, whose application area is expanding day by day, are effective in shaping the developing and changing living spaces. GRP modular buildings are mostly used in the automotive and construction industries. Fiberglass kiosks are more durable than traditional materials. They have an aesthetic appearance and are quite robust. With the development of technology, the application area and methods of these GRP reinforced plastic materials have expanded. They are actively used in the construction industry with their various features.

Karmod is one of the world’s leading GRP kiosk manufacturers. We have international quality standards and production capacity. GRP camp buildings, modular wc or shower units, fiberglass kiosk, modular security cabins, portable ticket booths are some of the most preferred Karmod products. We produce GRP modular buildings with great devotion, with our high-tech production systems, our very well-known expert teams and more than 36 years of experience.