Portable Cabin 390 x 390


2.8 m


2.8 m


3.9 m


1.150 kg


Product Detail

High Security Low-Price Fiberglass Shelters

As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we have been providing state-of-the-art practical accommodation solutions that have aided in the realization of countless projects or operations of any size. For more than 36 years, we have been researching the latest technologies with our professional research and development team to develop our way of service as well as our wide catalogue of practical accommodation solutions. From fiberglass shelters and prefabricated offices to dining halls and kiosks, our wide variety of accommodation solutions are designed in-line with our customers’ needs. As Karmod, we have an initial aim of becoming the best practical accommodations provider in the world. To do that, we work hard and maintain the mutual respect we have between us and our customers.

Affordability is the Key With Karmod Portable Cabins

Karmod Prefab Cabins are affordable, portable, customizable, sturdy, multi-purpose, sustainable and reliable fiberglass shelters that are especially preferred for project and operations sites. Meaning, they can be placed from one place to another with ease without requiring heavy machinery or excessive workforce, they can have their entire interior or exterior fully customized on demand, they can be used for a lifetime without a worry, they can be used for multiple purposes and still have a considerably lower price tag compared to other fiberglass shelters available in the market today. Our fiberglass shelters also have several benefits that will help you refrain from excessive spending. For example, because we inject polyurethane, our fiberglass shelters have a extra insulation in each layer which will help you avoid excessive heating bills in winter. Our fiberglass shelters are the ideal accommodation solution for any kind of project or operation. They are especially preferred in construction projects as their practicality and affordability stands out as an on-site utility.

Extra Safe Karmod Fiberglass Shelters

Karmod Composites, Along with other modular structures uur FRP- GRP Portable buildings are used as fiberglass shelters for refugees and IDP’s. With superior craftsmanship, and competitive pricing, our Fiberglass Shelters and FRP – GRP Portable Buildings are the ideal accommodation solution in terms of security. Our fiberglass shelters are also very sturdy and designed to endure harshest weather conditions as well as natural or man-made catastrophes and when thought about fiberglass shelters prices, Karmod Portable Cabins are manufactured using highest-quality materials in a professional setting environment with affordability in mind. For more information about our fiberglass shelters and other practical accommodation solutions, please contact us.