KW6 230X600 Wc Container


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26.40 m


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Construction Site Toilet and Shower Units

Mobile toilets are one of the most preferred products for hygienic and human health needs at different points of life. Mobile toilets are portable toilet cabins that meet the toilet needs. The most serious problem in crowded events held in different indoor/outdoor venues without plumbing is the toilet and bathroom needs of people. Construction site toilet and shower units are produced especially for use in areas without infrastructure. At this point, the most used systems are portable toilet systems. Portable toilets consist of a system with clean and dirty water tanks, separate sinks, European style or squatting toilets. They are easy to transport and move. It can be easily moved to other places when use is completed. Construction Site toilet and shower rooms including disabled access. Many camp sites and festival sites require a portable wc and shower amenity blocks.


Construction Site Toilets at Best Price

Considering the hygiene and health conditions, our prefabricated portable toilet products are ideal for modern city life and work areas. In our product designs, international standards such as modern appearance, hygienic healthy structure, and suitability for disabled toilet access are our priorities. Our portable toilet applications include details such as disabled units, shower units as well as children’s washbasins, air conditioning for hot and cold air conditioning. Construction site toilets are the ideal solution for remote workplaces. Plumbing work camps in remote areas is quite difficult. It is costly and unnecessary to build plumbing, especially in temporary projects. From this point of view, construction site toilets are the most viable solution as they can be used in labor camps without plumbing.


Toilet and Shower Units Meet Prefabricated Technology

All of our cabinets can be produced as single, multiple, separate or combined. We have standard size cabins and personalized cabins that you can choose. Our standard products are products that have proven their quality in their fields. It is resistant to adverse weather conditions and easy to maintain. You can easily move it to another location within your facility at any time and integrate it with your existing structures. However, we can also design different portable toilets in special sizes according to your needs. Our WC and bathroom products specially designed for the disabled are of very high quality. All Karmod container site toilets you purchase are delivered ready to use. We ship electricity and water installations so that they can be connected to the main grid, increasing their availability.