Conference Hall – Jazeera Palace Hotel


782 m²





Product Detail

Choice of East Africa is Karmod Prefab Building Technologies

We built two-storey conference hall with our conventional heavy steel structure system in a short time like 60 days for Jazeera Palace Hotel located in Mogadishu, capital of Somali on the side of Indian Ocean in East Africa. Besides the embassies of three countries, the hotel that services with its 85 luxurious rooms hosts also diplomats. The otel is being preferrred by famous business people and  nongovernmental organizations’ authorities who are known for their emphasis on safety.

Two storey conference hall we built with high security heavy steel system for Jazeera Palace Hotel located just 300 meters from Aden Abdulle International Airport will often host business world and nongovernmental organizations meetings with international meetings.

The building prepared as demounted in conventional steel structure system with high structure security at modern production facilities of Karmod has been despatched to Mogadishu via maritime transport. The 782 squaremeters sized two storey building has been delivered in only 60 days and installed by Karmod expert installation team.

As first floor of special conference hall whose height is 4,75 metres and that has a stage inside service as gradual conference hall, purpose-made meeting rooms and management office are located in the top floor.

Steel construction buildings with the advantage of safe production and installation in a short time with demounted screwed system are one of the safest building models for building needs like commercial buildings, shopping malls, culture centers, theatre and conference hall.

Main carries systems that provide building safety in our heavy steel buildings are produced from completely steel materials and they are built by making a connection with static speciality.

Conventional heavy steel construction buildings that can produce limitless solutions to maximum wide area demands with interior needs at high grade have so many superiorities such as longevity, building safety, durability, strength, comfort and ergonomic usage. For heavy steel structure model, it should be also emphasized the advantages of easy transportability at all kinds of international transportation standards with demounted structure system and setup on site in a short time.