Iraq – 1884 homes in 7 months with mass housing project


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1884 house in 7 months with mass housing project

Karmod completed and delivered the world’s largest prefabricated mass housing project in a record span time of 7 months. 1,884 ready-made houses were produced and installed within the project in El-Kut and Baghdad cities, the capital city of Iraq.

Iraq, which has entered the process of recovery after the destructions caused by the war, has a large number of housing needs. The Iraqi central government started to work on finding solutions to the housing deficit in a short time. Under the coordination of the Baghdad Governorate in order to accelerate these efforts Planning was made for the production of mass housing in the cities of Baghdad and El-Kut. The Governor of Baghdad contacted our company Karmod, which has been producing houses with its expertise in prefabricated ready-made homes since 1986, and negotiations have started for the production of the houses.

The technical office team started to work and prepared special designs for collective housing in line with the expectations.  It was decided to produce the double-storey prefabricated house model in the form of twin blocks from our designs. During the prefabricated mass housing project development phase, two different alternating settlement plans where the mass housing will be established in cities and the settlements of the houses were shown in the project. In addition to the residences in the project, social facility areas were also included in the project, considering the needs of people living in new cities.

After approval of the project, the production, logistics, and installation planning of the prefabricated houses have made in synchronization and the production has started.  In the giant project where the production of 1884 prefabricated houses constructed, in a short span of time 7 months, huge new city areas were established in 2 different cities of Iraq.

1600 of the twin-plan prefabricated houses, consisting of 84 m2 standard plan flats, were built in Baghdad and 284 were built in the city of El Kut. The houses have the capacity of 10 thousand people. Social areas are also included in the prefabricated city. Within the project, there is a social facility area of 16,148 m2 including education buildings, health facilities, gymnasium and shopping centers.