Prefabricated Kitchen 423 m²


423 m²


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2,5 m


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423 m²

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Portable Kitchen Building Temporary Mobile Kitchens

The modular construction is an excellent option for temporary mobile kitchens and other commercial applications. Modular kitchens or dining facilities are great space solutions for rural areas that need prefabricated catering. As the world population increases, the rate of environmental pollution increases at the same rate. For this reason, efforts are made to raise awareness about environmental pollution, and solutions that will minimize environmental pollution are tried to be found in every field. Construction sites are one of the areas where studies are carried out on this subject. Traditional buildings cause environmental pollution during construction as well as harming the environment as a building. In recent years, the use of prefabricated buildings has increased due to environmental pollution. Prefabricated structures are more environmentally friendly than reinforced concrete structures. Although it is not preferred as a building in large-scale projects, many newly developed building types are preferred in daily living spaces and buildings that can be used for commercial purposes. Portable kitchen buildings are one of the customized modular structures and their popularity has been increasing in recent years. Fully equipped canteens and catering facilities can be delivered by the experts at Karmod. We offer a functional kitchen to cook and portable restaurants.

Portable Kitchen Buildings for Every Industry

Portable kitchens have many advantages compared to their traditional counterparts. They can be manufactured in accordance with all kinds of settlement and usage purposes. As they consist of standard modules, they are installed quickly and practically. When you choose Karmod for your modular kitchens, you can also choose special sizes. Because they are flexible, they are resistant to earthquakes and landslides. They can be produced in accordance with all climatic conditions. Modular structures have superior properties in terms of sound and heat insulation compared to other structures. They are installed in a short time without harming and polluting the environment. They can be produced successfully in accordance with the modern and historical texture.

Innovative Buildings For Temporary Mobile Kitchens

Offering innovative structures for kitchens and dining rooms, Karmod has developed a creative modular architecture. The portable modular kitchen and dining hall, which can be produced in accordance with the modern aesthetic texture, are environmentally friendly and economical, can be used in many areas. Portable kitchens are very suitable structures especially for construction sites. They can be safely preferred in each of the temporary and permanent solutions and can be moved to another location when needed.