Prefabricated School 117 m²


117 m²


2,50 m


2,50 m


8,99 m


117 m²

Product Detail

We have built a wide category of practical lodging solutions that have made significant contributions in the implementation of various projects or operations of any scale, thanks to our accumulated knowledge and unwavering desire to serve our clients. Karmod has spent over 35 years researching and incorporating the most cutting-edge technology that this period has to offer into our goods, effectively climbing our way to the top of the industry. Not only that, but we’re always striving to enhance our customer service and expand our already expansive product line. We place a high value on the mutual respect we have with our consumers and create our goods to meet their demands.

Highly Efficient Prefabricated School Buildings

In contrast to common opinion, flexibility in educational structures is really quite useful. Our Prefab school and classrooms buildings create inspiration learning environments, allowing the students development to take centre stage. The mobility and high-quality of prefabricated schools set them apart. They are, contrary to common assumption, more durable than traditional structures. Our prefabricated schools provide inspiring learning environments. Prefabricated schools give extra study space for your institution. Karmod Prefabricated Schools are built to create the optimum learning environment for students of all ages. Our prefabricated schools are also an excellent choice for temporary classroom needs. In comparison to traditionally constructed structures, they are created, shipped, and erected in a fraction of the time. We have delivered many prefabricated school structures all around the world for a long time. Karmod Prefabricated School Buildings are the most practical classroom option available on the market today, especially if a remodeling project is in the works. Our prefabricated school buildings are also come with various shapes and sizes. From prefabricated school 117m2 to 150m2 buildings, there are various designs for your likings.

Sustainable Karmod Prefab Schools

One of the best aspects of our prefabricated schools is their mobility. When the production process is completed, our prefabricated school buildings are packed and sent to the installation site. Our prefabricated school structures are then delivered to the chosen place using various modes of transportation. Due to the presence of professional Karmod craftsmen, our educational structures are then constructed on site without the use of any power tools or heavy equipment. Despite this, they only require a minimal workforce to be completed, since our personnel on site will be adequate for the whole installation of the structure. Because no power tools or machinery are used during the installation process, Karmod Prefabricated School Buildings produce no waste and cause no interruption to the surrounding environment. If you have any queries about our prefab school buildings for sale, please contact us.