Telecommunication Management Office Building – Djibouti


357 m²





Product Detail

We have completed and delivered the prefabricated management office to be operated by the Telecommunication General Management of the country in Djibouti, one of the East African countries. The project has taken part Karmod’s public projects such as prefabricated schools, hospitals and military facilities throughout Djibouti.

Telecommunication General Management building was designed as a two-storey prefabricated building model. The prefab office building, which was designed in the Karmod technical office with modern architectural style with its interior and exterior appearance, was pre-fabricated in a short time. The readymade office structure which was pre-produced with seamless technology and completely bolt-nut system, was delivered to the port of Djibouti by sea container transportation. The two-storey 357 square meter luxury readymade office building was installed and made ready for use in a month by our regional teams.

A special coating was applied to the outside of the building for extra insulation in the Telecommunication Management Office Building. The special coating application both increased the temperature of the building and made the building visually more beautiful. A parapet system was applied on the roof to make the building look more aesthetically pleasing. After the Telecommunication Management Office Building Djibouti came into service, it took its place among the magnificent structures of the country.

Karmod prefabricated office buildings are defined in the luxury building class throughout Djibouti with their advantages such as long-lasting construction, ready-to-use installation in a short time and the comfort they offer Thanks to this feature, our buildings are the choice of mass housing projects in the country as well as public buildings.

Djibouti Telecom is the telecommunications service provider of the Republic of Djibouti. The company is the only organization that holds national and international telecommunication services in the country. Djibouti Telecom continues its activities to make Djibouti land an advanced communication platform in East Africa in order to develop the communication network of the country to Africa, Europe and Asia. In this direction, the company aims to excel in communication solutions consisting of mobile services, voice and satellite services and internet services. The company launched its new Telecom Service Office and accelerated its work in this field with a strong team.