Workers Camp Housing Buildings 90 m²


90 m²


2,5 m


2,5 m


6,48 m


90 m²

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Modular Buildings for Workforce Housing

Karmod Prefabricated Technologies offers wide variety of practical accommodation solutions across the world that can operate in any condition and operate at high efficiency. For over 30 years, with our professional and experienced staff, we have been working hard to improve our way of service and provide our customers with better accommodation solutions. We empathize with our customers to maintain the mutual respect we have between them. From construction site offices and security cabins to prefabricated buildings and prefab hospitals, our wide catalogue of products are bound to serve you well in any condition.

Karmod Worker Camps Will Increase Your Efficiency

We know how hard it can be to run a project or operation of any size. Especially if the operation or the project is set at a far place outside of a city. That is why we, as Karmod, design workers camp that is perfect for any kind of heavy-duty operations. Even if fly-in, fly-outs are made, the employees must have a place to stay at the operation site. To satisfy this need, a workers camp must be erected on site. Karmod Workers Camp not only provides a healthy and relaxing resting grounds for both you and your staff but able to do much more. They are able to lighten your load by having insulated panels and saving you from spending excessive heating bills. Karmod Modular Buildings For Workforce Housing & Man Camps are especially designed to help you in your project by providing a breathing place for you and your employees against the hardships of construction projects.

Dependable Workforce Camps

Karmod’s modular buildings can provide quick, easy, affordable and energy-efficient workforce housing solutions which makes them quite viable in construction sites and operations of any size. Our Man camps and Oil field housing solutions are especially preferred in mining operations and construction projects. Made with insulated panles our workers camp are bound to save you from excessive expenses such as heating bills and repair fees. The plumbing system and electricity system are packed and delivered with our workers camp and that is why in the installation process of our workers camp minimum workforce is required and no heavy machinery or power tools are needed. For more information about our workers camp and other prefabricated structures or construction site buildings, do not hesitate to contact us so we can provide you with exactly what you need.