Karmod Nigeria se concentre sur la fourniture de solutions de construction préfabriquées respectueuses de l'environnement pour répondre aux besoins de logement toujours croissants au Nigeria et en Afrique subsaharienne.

Hakeem Shagaya (MD/CEO)

Bienvenue chez Karmod Nigeria Fabricated Technologies

Karmod Nigeria Prefabricated Technologies (filiale de Karmod Prefabricated Technologies Worldwide) est la marque nigériane #1 dans le secteur de la construction préfabriquée, en activité depuis 2014, offrant aux agences gouvernementales, aux organisations privées et aux particuliers les options de construction les plus qualitatives et les plus abordables.

Over the last 10 years, the Karmod Nigeria team of architects, prefab building engineers and technicians has handled more than 400 projects in all 36 states across the country plus the FCT. As well as other west African countries

Karmod Nigeria is actively involved in the rebuilding and reconstruction of North Eastern Nigeria (ravaged by Boko Haram) having constructed several structures for both the federal and state governments in the area. These projects include mass housing, emergency settlement units, as well as construction projects of prominent projects all over the zone.

UN soldiers in Nigeria Camping sites are among the projects Karmod Nigeria has realized in addition to other projects for public and private organizations etc.

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