Karmod Nigeria fournit une haute technologie, une production rapide, un assemblage rapide, des prix économiques et bien plus d'avantages dans la construction de bâtiments préfabriqués.

Notre vaste gamme de solutions de bâtiments préfabriqués est utilisée comme bâtiments permanents ou temporaires dans les établissements de santé, les chantiers pétroliers et gaziers, les écoles, les hôpitaux, les bâtiments militaires, les villages touristiques, les bureaux et de nombreux autres domaines.

Fort de l'expérience de sa maison mère en Turquie depuis 1986, les bâtiments modulaires Karmod existent dans environ 25 états du Nigeria. Une équipe professionnelle d'ingénieurs et d'architectes unissent leurs efforts pour présenter des conceptions ergonomiques uniques qui s'adaptent à tous les lieux et à toutes les exigences. Aujourd'hui, Karmod est fier d'avoir réservé sa place parmi les principaux fabricants nigérians de constructions modulaires.

Les commentaires de nos clients et les centaines de projets que nous avons réalisés à l'échelle nationale sont la source de notre succès.

commercial building

Modular prefabricated buildings are products used in different markets including education, schools, classrooms, hospitals, healthcare, residential and student accommodation, offices, commercial spaces, medical laboratories and commercial spaces. Modular prefabricated building modular construction technology provides significant cost savings and is produced quickly in a very short time compared to traditional buildings. The controlled production environment and efficient construction cost strategies that Karmod implements typically result in substantially less cost savings than traditional construction. Karmod manufactures and supplies fully turnkey modular buildings for various uses such as prefab office buildings, commercial extensions, ancillary industrial services. 

Prefabricated Buildings for Sale at the Competitive Prices

No matter what industry your project is in, prefabricated buildings can meet all kinds of space needs. The prefabricated structures we produce are the result of bringing together our own production modular structures that can be made anywhere in the world. Whether for a temporary need (offices, customer service, shops, etc.) or permanent, you can comfortably use modular buildings. Thanks to its durable structure, it offers a long-lasting user experience and is an ideal solution for your urgent needs. Prefabricated buildings are available in customized models according to the industry and customer needs. Prefab metal buildings and prefab steel buildings are techniques that are specially applied to increase durability. Prefabricated buildings are structures that have proven their quality for many years. However, with the technological developments, different methods have started to be applied over time. Steel prefab buildings are a special method applied to increase the usefulness and durability of modular buildings. Models such as prefab office buildings and prefab storage buildings are structures produced in response to needs in different industries. Modular buildings, maisons préfabriquées can be produced in desired sizes and designs and can be used in different applications according to needs.

Properties of Prefab Buildings for Sale

Karmod modular prefabricated building modular construction method provides significant cost savings and produces buildings quickly in a very short time compared to structures built with traditional methods. The controlled production environment and efficient construction cost strategies that Karmod implements typically result in substantial cost savings over conventional construction. Modular construction is a highly efficient way to deliver flexible, modern modular buildings, whether your priority is time, budget or quality. Our modular prefabricated buildings are a fast and high quality solution and can be used in almost any project. In order to create prefabricated buildings, container for sale in the modular construction process, modules are produced off-site and delivered to the site, and on-site installation is provided.

Prefabricated structures are portable modular structures used in many different places. Prefabricated buildings have various usage areas according to customer needs. Concrete prefab buildings and commercial prefab buildings are also available according to their intended use. Prefabricated buildings are structures that can be used everywhere from schools to social housing projects, from cottages to cottages, with their easy transportation, easy installation and economic costs. For example, prefabricated school buildings are an ideal choice for an education building that needs to be completed in a short time. Prefabricated buildings for sale are the best choice for a summer house that can reflect your own style in both interior and exterior designs, is ready for use and has an economical cost. Whether for accommodation or commercial purposes, prefab buildings with their flexible and durable structure produce ideal solutions for you and your project. Please contact us for detailed information about our prefab buildings for sale products.

Modular & Prefabricated Buildings

With over 35 years of experience, Karmod Modular works with owners, architects and engineers to upgrade the design and performance of temporary and permanent commercial building spaces. Modular prefabricated structures offer the fastest space solutions for temporary and permanent needs. Prefab wood buildings offer safe accommodation with durable structures for permanent solutions like prefab steel buildings. Prefabricated buildings are actively used in a variety of markets, including education, housing, healthcare and commerce. All the features of each prefabricated building are implemented according to the specific requirements of the customer. Karmod prefabricated building systems are assertive about durability with specially designed metal and steel structures. Our team of professionals combine their efforts to offer unique ergonomic designs suitable for any space and all requirements. Our comprehensive range of prefabricated building solutions are used as permanent or temporary buildings in healthcare facilities, oil and gas construction sites, schools, hospitals, prefab house, military buildings, offices and many other areas. Our customers’ feedback and hundreds of projects we have completed around the world are the source of our success.

What is Prefabricated Construction

Prefabricated building technology, in its simplest form, is the transportation of a building to the area to be used after it is produced under controlled conditions in the factory environment. While some products are produced and delivered completely ready for use at the factory, some products are transported to the construction site in modules and installed there. The terms modular and prefabricated refer to two different production methods. However, today, because the production is made by using both methods together, it has started to be called by the same name over time. Prefabricated buildings are easily transported to the construction site and are very easy to install. Steel and metal designed buildings are also produced to increase durability. The material of prefabricated buildings is already of high quality and can be used for a long time. It has proven over time that it is earthquake resistant. Steel and metal construction techniques, which increase their durability, have greatly increased the difference between traditional structures. Please contact us for detailed information about prefab buildings prices and prefab metal buildings prices.

What are Prefabricated Buildings Made Of

Prefabricated buildings have a durable structure thanks to controlled production under factory conditions. Advanced technological techniques allow to produce light but at the same time durable buildings. You can have both durable and light and flexible buildings with Karmod assurance. When you prefer prefabricated buildings, you do not have to wait for the construction period that can be delayed for months due to weather conditions and various reasons. At the same time, when you want to move your building to another region, prefabricated portable structures provide convenience with their portable structures. They are very easy to maintain and are not affected by adverse weather conditions thanks to their durable material. With almost very little maintenance, you can use prefabricated buildings for years without any problems. If you want to have prefabricated modular buildings, you are not limited in terms of aesthetics. Our standard products have proven themselves over time and are used in many projects all over the world. However, you can make the interior and exterior design as you wish. Sustainable and environmentally friendly structures can be single-storey or two-storey.

TSE certified materials are used in the electrical and sanitary installations of prefabricated buildings. Durable materials produced with the latest technology are used for all glass used in building windows. It is suitable for earthquake conditions with the steel used in the structure of prefab steel buildings. It can be used comfortably in 4 seasons with the materials used in its structure. Karmod, which has signed dozens of projects in many continents and countries from Iraq to Nigeria, from Venezuela to Turkey, offers you the best solution for prefabricated buildings. With the experience it has gained since 1986, Karmod modular buildings exist in more than 120 countries around the world. Its professional team produces unique solutions suitable for every space and all requirements. Our comprehensive range of prefabricated building solutions are used as permanent or temporary buildings in healthcare facilities, oil and gas construction sites, schools, hospitals, offices and many other areas. If you are looking for prefab buildings near me, please contact us.

What are Advantages of Prefab Building

Modular construction is a highly efficient way to deliver flexible, modern modular buildings, whether your priority is time, budget or quality. Our modular prefabricated buildings can be a fast and high quality solution regardless of the characteristics of your project. In order to create prefabricated structures in the modular construction process, the modules are produced off-site, then delivered to the site and installed. Prefabricated buildings have many advantages when compared to buildings constructed using traditional methods. They cost less and can be produced quickly. Since the production is done in a controlled manner in the factory environment, the materials are used more efficiently. Since the labor force is high in traditional construction methods, the margin of error is also high at the same rate. However, advanced technological methods prevent material waste and reduce costs in this respect. Prefab out buildings are lightweight and easy to transport. However, being light does not mean that it is not durable. Prefab metal buildings texas are extremely durable and provide a long-lasting user experience. Another feature of prefabricated buildings is that they leave little impact on the environment during their production and installation. With this feature, modular buildings are environmentally friendly and are in the category of environmentally friendly architecture. It also requires very little labor during its installation. The fact that it is safe and requires less labor greatly reduces the risk of occupational accidents. As Karmod, we care about our customers’ ideas and we work with our customers at every stage from design to installation. Work with us and let’s build the future together.