Karmod Nigeria est le premier fabricant de bâtiments modulaires et de conteneurs au Nigeria. Nous Conteneurs portables modulaires Premium pour tous les usages.

Notre expérience accumulée découle de celle de la société mère établie depuis 1986. Avec la production de milliers de conteneurs chaque année, les conteneurs abordables Karmod se sont répandus dans tout le pays. Dans la production de nos conteneurs modulaires, nous avons développé une nouvelle technologie sans soudure qui utilise des boulons et des écrous pour assembler les différentes parties de la structure du conteneur. Nos conteneurs sont spécialement conçus pour offrir un maximum de confort, d'utilité et de longue durée de vie.

Peu importe dans quel but, des logements des travailleurs, des camps miniers, des bureaux de chantier, des écoles, des cliniques ou des installations sanitaires, les solutions de construction portables et modulaires Karmod répondront parfaitement à vos besoins.

Standard ou personnalisé, temporaire ou permanent, vous trouverez certainement votre cible dans notre vaste gamme de portacabins modulaires.

flat pack container

Premium modular portable containers for all purposes.

Karmod Nigeria is the leading manufacturer of modular buildings and living containers in Nigeria and all over Africa. Our experience accumulated since 1986 and with production of thousands of containers every year Karmod affordable portable containers have spread all over the world. High Quality Office Container with Competitive Price. In production of our modular containers we have developed a new seamless technology that uses bolts and nuts in jointing the different parts of the container structure. Our containers are specifically designed to provide maximum comfort, utility, and long service life. No matter for what purpose, from workers housing, mining camp accommodation, site offices, schools, clinics or toilets facilities, Karmod portable and modular building solutions will fulfill your requirements perfectly.

Standard or customized, temporary or permanent, your will definitely find your target within our extensive range of modular containers. 

Karmod, builds and delivers récipient structures worldwide. Specializing in temporary and permanent structures, we bring your idea to life. Sanitary containers (Wc containers and Shower containers) are sandwich panel modules used in all construction sites and especially in the living bases of companies operating in the construction and mining sectors. Is  CE-ISO-certified to withstand the rigors of construction and industrial sites. Need dedicated space for office and storage at every construction site containers? Notre container offices are made with durable, high-quality materials that meet national.

Container Buildings Are Both Economic and Aesthetic

Récipient buildings are demounted structures suitable for different usage purposes, which is one of the modular building systems products. They are produced in a short time in a factory environment ready for turnkey use. Thanks to their demounted structures, they are very easy to install. For example, récipient structures that are produced with Karmod new generation container technology are installed in just four steps. Récipient structures can be designed and produced for many different areas depending on demand and need. With its tens of features and advantages, récipient buildings that are spacious, durable and offer safe use for many years are also very economical with their prices. Container structures have dozens of features, primarily being modular. They have a mobile structure. They can be easily transported and shipped. They are structures that can be easily transferred to other areas when their service term ends in the area they are used. They are the most suitable choice for emergencies. There may be dozens of different récipient types and container sizes depending on the purpose of use. You can choose the most suitable solution for you from hundreds of Karmod container structures specially designed for you in accordance with every area and need.

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For example, the most preferred construction systems for outbreak hospitals were container construction systems. Because they are produced in a very short time and they are shipped to the desired area in a very short time. They can be single storey as well as they can be produced as multi-storey and combined structures according to the need and demand. They are suitable for short-term use, as well as their durable structures, earthquake-resistant properties, and they are protected with fireproof materials used against fire, and they provide safe use for many years. They can be delivered as mounted or as a package by crane. They have excellent insulation properties thanks to their wall coverings and their appropriate thickness. Different designs can be made upon request. It is possible to design and produce as more aesthetic flat pack containers according to the environment they are in.


Modular Container Buildings Are In Every Area!

Modular container buildings, which have dozens of advantages, are preferred in many areas. Some of the récipient usage areas are as follows. They can be used as container house, summer house, winter house, vineyard and highland house for the lands. Also modular container buildings can be used in récipient villa design and production for more luxurious living spaces. Récipient villa structures can be produced in desired size, in the desired room and in different features according to the needs and demand. Other areas of use are the construction industry. In long-term construction projects, there is a need for technical personnel and workers’ accommodation areas. These structures must be earthquake resistant, fire protected, and have high thermal and sound insulation, suitable for four seasonal conditions. In addition, they should be designed and produced in a very short time to suit the need. Récipient structures can be used for all kinds of accommodation needs with flat pack container accommodationand containers for construction sites offer the most suitable solution for construction projects needs. They can serve as récipient dormitory, worker dormitory, dining hall récipient, construction site dining hall, staff dining hall, and also as mobile toilets and showers container too. In addition, container structures can be used for basic need areas. As mobile toilets and showers containerrécipient disabled wc, récipient structures offer convenient, practical and sterile areas of need. In addition to this, one of the ways of using flat pack containers that offers practical solutions in every field is office containerOffice container structures are also preferred as ticket sales kiosks, bread sales kiosks, security cabinets, management offices, taxi station structures or commercial container buildings with the advantages they have in many areas such as mukhtar structures.

World’s Best Container: Karmod Flat Pack Containers

Flat pack containers are structures that are individually manufactured and packaged separately in the factory environment. When they are delivered to the area they are wanted, récipient is installed by expert teams. As Karmod, we have been working since 1986 to provide the safest, highest quality, most durable and most economical building solutions in every field. We are proud of being preferred by the leading companies and thousands of people around the world, with our expert teams in our field and our experience of more than 30 years.  In the Akkuyu nuclear power plant project, which will meet 6 percent of the country’s energy needs when it is completed, Karmod récipient structures were preferred in container for construction sites. As Karmod, we took part in this important project with our construction site mobilization building. In just 105 days, we completed these gigantic modular container buildings, each consisting of 4 blocks of three floors, having a total size of 9954 square meters and which can accommodate up to 3264 people at the same time, and made it ready for use.

Did you know that Karmod is preferred in the 3rd Airport construction complex of Istanbul? Karmod modular container buildings was preferred in the construction site complex where the workers and technical team to work in the foundation excavation will be accommodated. The containers for construction sites, consisting of a total of 810 square meters, are the first workers’ complex of the airport project. Portacabin prefab container and récipient structure model was applied in the construction sites where management office, technical office, dining hall, dormitory, canteen, architect and engineer offices, laundry, wc shower unit and warehouse are located.

If you are looking for durable, superior quality récipient structures that you can use for many years safely, Karmod modular container buildings are the best solution for you! Choose the one that is suitable for you among thousands of récipient types that we, as Karmod have designed specifically for you, which can be used in dozens of different areas, and we will produce for you as soon as possible and deliver it to you safely.