Si tu veux maisons modulaires avec des fonctionnalités exceptionnelles, une qualité exceptionnelle et des prix abordables, alors Karmod Nigeria est votre meilleur pari.

Karmod is Nigeria’s pioneer in manufacturing and assembling of modern prefab maisons modulaires. Notre maisons préfabriquées sont répartis dans tout le pays et sont utilisés comme lotissements, logements sociaux, villages touristiques, chalets, villas, cottages, bungalows et maisons d'habitation. Karmod Nigeria offre à ses clients estimés une large gamme de maisons modulaires préfabriquées à un ou deux étages.

Nos experts sont de premier ordre et les meilleurs de l'industrie. Tous maisons préfabriquées assemblé par Karmod viendra avec les installations électriques, la plomberie, la peinture, les portes, les fenêtres, etc.

The primary advantages of Karmod prefabricated houses are custom manufacturing, modern structures and designs, long life, high quality materials, energy-efficiency,

emergency accommodation

What are Modular Homes?

Karmod Modular Homes are buildings that are built in a professional high-tech factory environment. After production, they are sent to the desired site with our staff already present at the location. When products arrive on desired location, our staff begins the installation process. During the assembly, no power tools and heavy-duty machines are required. They can be installed without causing any kind of disturbance to surrounding areas. Karmod Modular Homes are also produced with highest-quality materials.

Modular Home Prices

The reason for the emergence of modular houses is that they are a practical solution when the construction of traditional style buildings is not helpful. For this reason, modular homes are less costly than Traditional reinforced concrete buildings due to their structure. Controlled production under factory conditions, labor-saving, and high efficiency materials are the most important features of modular houses that reduce costs. Even if a product is useful and durable, price is an important criterion for affordability. Modular housing is the ideal solution for a home that is both convenient and cost-effective.

Traditional reinforced concrete buildings are built on construction site and therefore require a lot of labor. Logistics of the construction site, waste of raw materials and environmental conditions increase the cost. Most importantly, the risks of work accidents are high in the construction site environment. However, all kinds of risks are minimized in the houses that are produced in a controlled manner under factory conditions. The waste of raw materials, the absence of environmental factors and the very low risk of work accidents reduce the cost of modular houses. You can have lower prices compared to traditional houses because it is produced at a low cost for efficient, modern designed and useful houses. Despite their affordability, the costs of the houses produced using advanced technological methods may vary depending on the customization or upgrades you prefer. Please contact us for more information about the prices of our modular homes.

Best Modular Homes

As Karmod, we have been producing the finest quality modular homes available in the world. We are known for our leadership in Turkey for more than 35 years. With promotion of innovation and opening doors for new ideas in our workplace, we design the best modular homes and continuously improve our already existing designs to provide our customers with the ultimate housing experience. Our modular homes are, without a doubt, eco-friendly, sustainable, affordable and practical. Which makes them one of the most preferred among our wide catalogue of products. Besides the portable homes and new mobile homes with their flexibility, our modular homes are not portable, but because they are not portable, they are extra durable and energy efficient as their planning is made in a professional factory setting and assembled on permanent foundations. Another advantage of prebuilt homes is that they can be delivered via sea or land transportation ways in a quick manner as they are produced and delivered in parts. Karmod Modular Homes Building are the perfect solution for your cost-efficient and/or practical accommodation needs and they are able to provide you with more than you require. We are able to ship throughout the states with the name of modular homes such as; modular homes Maine, modular homes Colorado, modular homes Georgia and modular homes California.