Two Storey Prefab Housing 137 m2 – Anatolia Model



22 m²


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17 m², 16 m²

Product Detail

The World’s Best Modular Prefabricated Housing Project

With Karmod double story houses, we offer attractive prices and advantageous opportunities for those who want to live a natural life. While designing the 137 m2 Anatolia Model double story prefab house, we did not compromise on stylish design while offering a natural life. Watch the sky from your home balcony, and have your breakfast in the morning accompanied by the sounds of birds in touch with nature.

It consists of a large living room, kitchen, bathroom, veranda, balcony, 2 bathrooms, and 3 bedrooms. Just describe your dream home, leave the rest to us. Let’s make your dream home your living standard.

Top Quality Prefabricated Housing Models and their Costs

Prefabricated housing projects are structures produced in a professional production facility environment and transported to the desired location. After delivery, the installation process begins on the part of the installation team. Since it is produced in parts, it can be assembled without requiring much labor. They also do not require any power tools or heavy equipment to be lifted, thus minimizing the amount of potential contamination around the area. The duration of this process may vary depending on the size or location of the project. Regardless of the conditions, the installation of prefabricated housing takes less time than traditional construction methods. Prefabricated house projects have many different advantages over traditional house projects. As Karmod, we can easily say that all of our prefabricated housing types stand out with their durability among traditional buildings and other prefabricated buildings on the market. We design our prefab housing to be extremely reliable. This allows our products to withstand many extreme weather conditions, natural or man-made disasters and occupy the toughest or toughest terrains. Prefab construction for mass housing, Made as a pilot project to encourage rural housing development, the system is being tested in a village projects Africa.

Our Solutions for Prefabricated Housing Construction

Prefabricated housing projects are tested by our professional teams after the production process and delivered to your hands safely. This durability feature increases the sustainability of our prefabricated housing and allows them to be used for a lifetime. They almost never fail or need repair, and even if they do, they can be repaired quickly because they are prefabricated. Insulation and many other useful systems applied in our prefabricated buildings allow you to avoid excessive expenses during the usage period and save you from overspending. As a result, Prefabricated housing projects is the safest, safest and most practical accommodation solution available on the market today.

Our Worldwide Prefabricated Housing Projects

Such a practical, affordable and quality accommodation solution is only possible with prefabricated building technology. This is made possible by the production method of our prefabricated housing. Years of planning and refinement have resulted in the largest accommodation solution available. Prefabricated housing projects include a number of benefits that allow you to avoid certain costs, maintenance, and other problems common in traditional buildings. One of them is labor cost. Compared to traditional houses, much less labor is required for the installation of prefab housing. This feature not only reduces the cost but also reduces the risk of work accidents.