Conteneur WC pour personnes handicapées K 2001


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Portable Disabled Toilet and Handicap Toilets

Portable toilets and shower rooms are prefabricated structures that can be produced in different sizes and models used in needed areas. Modular structures are the perfect solution for bathroom needs in areas where there is no water system. In some cases, there is simply no time or opportunity to build a toilet, even with plumbing. Another usage area of ​​modular structures is temporary projects. Temporary projects do not require permanent restrooms, although there is both opportunity and time. Portable toilets are used for temporary and permanent purposes in projects. The number of participants is taken into account when planning the project, but its location may change as it is portable. There are also customized portable toilet models for the disabled. These models are produced to meet all the features that a disabled toilet may need. Mobile disabled toilets and handicap toilets can be moved to any desired size, shape and location. Regardless of the area where the project will take place, portable disabled toilets can be installed in any area. Our disabled portable toilets are ergonomically designed for a wheelchair user & carer. Find a wide range of handicap toilet that suit your requirements.

Specialized Portable Toilets

Need a toilet away from the city? Another usage area of ​​modular toilets is working areas in remote areas. This means it can be used on a construction site, mine or oil refinery. It can be used even in all projects in remote areas. Regardless of the features of your project, modular toilet and shower rooms will be the solution for you. Portable disabled toilet models are also used in business projects. Disabled toilets are needed in remote areas where there is no water supply. There is a need for temporary portable toilets for a social event in the city. Portable toilets are also used in projects where it is costly to build plumbing, as they are not for temporary purposes, even if they are plumbing. Modular toilets or portable toilets are perfect for site stays such as campsites where we can provide an accessible shower for your guests along with the disabled toilets.

Karmod Portable Disabled Toilet and Handicap Toilets

As Karmod, we offer modular toilet and shower rooms to projects all over the world. We produce structures to meet the needs with customized products such as disabled toilets. Regardless of the nature of your project, modular structures can be used in your project. We know the importance of working together and we work with our customers at all stages from design to assembly. We continue to sign successful projects with our sector experience of more than 30 years. Work with us and let’s build the future together.