Modular buildings and Solar Power Plants Madagascar


1.911 m²





Product Detail

We completed the prefabricated construction site project that has main service buildings of the energy company that will make electricity production and distribution for 20 years at Madagascar, an island nation in East Africa. There are prefabricated office and prefabricated dormitory building among the contruction site buildings we dispatched as demounted production and installed as ready for use in a short time. The highly insulated prefabricated buildings will safely used every season of the year at Madagascar where different climates like warm and arid, cold and rainy, excessively humid are experienced in a same year.

Le construction site buildings we prepared with prefabricated building model will be used at Madagascar for 20 years by the company that will carry out the construction and operation of electricity production power plant from the fuel-oil with a production capacity of 120 megawatts.

Electric work and waterworks services of Madagascar are being managed by public establishment Jiro Sy Rano Malagasy (Jirama). Electrical power production will be made by Aksaf Power in the name of Jirama at the project we completed.

The buildings we produced with completely demounted screwed and click-fit system have been transported to the country by sea. Within the scope of the project, we completed the installation of the 4 duplex two-storey buildings that have totally 1911 square meters size in a short time like one month. There are 2 dormitory builidings one of 822 square meters and the other 464 square meters, one 302 square meters local building, one 323 square meters executive office building at the building group. One part of the prefabricated local building is being used as prefabricated dormitory building.

Prefabricated construction site buildings service to side by side two seperate power plants that meet electricity need of Madagascar. These power plants are Madagascar HFO Power Plant and Madagascar CTA-2 Heavy Fuel Oil Power Plant. First power plant was put into use in September 2017 and it can produce 66 MW energy in its first phase. CTA-2 Heavy Fuel Oil Power Plant reached 24 MW installed power as of January 2019. Energy generated in these power plants is being transported to across Madagascar with Societe Jiro Sy Rano Malagasy (Jirama) distribution company.